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Dance Beyond Borders is a Foundation that brings together contemporary dancer and somatic movement educator Julienne Schembri and flamenco dancer and transcultural counsellor Deborah Falzon in their shared purpose to unite people through dance and the arts. 

Our journey with Dance Beyond Borders started back in January 2020; just before the pandemic hit. As dance artists, we connect deeply to our underlying and fundamental reasons for pursuing dance as a practice, career and ultimately our lifestyle. We believe that dance can change peoples'  lives. As dance practitioners, we question how dance can exist on the continuum between art and activism; art can be a vehicle to make people question and feel, while activism is the act of raising consciousness – a call or cry out for a drastic change via a form of protest.

We are inspired by active participation and co-creation; and we love to create from a collaborative approach in our efforts to encourage a more connected community.  Through performances, community practice and production, our mission is to cultivate understanding, compassion and empathy in hopes of uniting people through dance and the arts. 

We seek to promote integration while connecting with various communities and collaborating with diverse entities both locally and internationally to raise awareness through collaborative performances, community-led projects and curating spaces of welcome through the annual festival Refugee Week Malta.  

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