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RWM23: Compassion

Kantuniera Kafkaf

A community-based theatre inspired by the genre of Boal's Forum Theatre.  

It presents to our audiences a series of complex issues and problems which they need to solve through critical thinking and a decision to act against oppression.

The project’s aims to nurture spaces for discussion, debate and problem-solving through inviting young people to engage in challenging conversations.


Community Photography Exhibition

A photography Exhibition co-created with People from displaced backgrounds curated by Katel Delia and built through creative workshops with people who have experienced Displacement.

This exhibition is a chance for all to experience Malta through the lens of people who have crossed borders.

Quicklets Malta kindly donated their Meeting Room for our Exhibition during RWM


Rooting Kinship

Friends of the Earted hosted 'Rooting Kinship' which began with a herb-growing workshop followed by a potluck vegetarian BBQ with delicious veggies from The Veg Box. 


The Ethos of this event was built on the belief that reconnecting with the earth can help us remember our place in the natural world, rediscovering that we are part of nature, and it is part of us.


Geġwiġija 4.0

Geġwiġija hosted a Pop-up Library curated around the theme of Migration and Compassion.


The evening presented Books up for borrowing, Stories, Painting, Film and Food.


These brought an atmosphere of Compassion during our closing event of Refugee Week Malta at Afro Deli and Coffee.



Spark Fest

Spark Fest is Spark 15's an annual event that sets out to build partnerships between the Maltese nationals, European nationals and Migrant communities, fostering a spirit of exchange and unity.

For this year’s edition, in collaboration with Dance Beyond Borders, the day was curated with Arts workshops,A talk about Housing and Homelessness, Ethiopian Food, Dance and Live Music to celebrate and connect people from all walks of life in the hope of nourishing new connections. 


March for Peace

March for Peace is an annual march that happens on World Refugee Day in solidarity with all of those who leave home due to conflict, poverty and environmental impacts.

This year's March was hosted in collaboration with MGRM Malta and YPB Malta where we held a Flashmob to raise awareness about the issue of "safe countries".  As the policy is at the moment, it considers 8 countries that criminalize the LGBTIQ community, as safe

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Word on the Street 

Malti-Etnik, by choreographer and activist Chakib Zidi, was an public performance for inhabitants in various locations to experience the possibility of diverse people being in harmony together in Malta.

This Performance celebrated the diverse ethnicities that form part of today's culturally-rich and contemporary Maltese life. 

This was in collaboration with Malta International Arts Festival by festivals Malta

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