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March for Peace

A Silent walk of Solidarity as allies to People who seek Sanctuary. There were speaches from People who have sought refuge in Malta, and key NGOs working in the field. This culminated in a celebratory performance by Rhythm & Percussion group Trakadum


Don't Forget Me

'Don't Forget ME' is a screendance by artist Mohamed ali (Dali) aguerbi humanises the intersectional problems that refugees experience.

It delves into themes of borders, family, asylum, inequality, xenophobia, and LGBTIQ+ rights. 


Finding my Place

'Finding my Place' was a Pop Up exhibition developed from a co-creative process, led by Katel Delia and featured different artistic mediums like: Art, Pottery, Music and Installations, all exploring the universal notion of Home. This was hosted at Quicklets in Sliema, who generously donated their Meeting Room to us.  


Film Programme

We screened two nights of films at Spazju Kreattiv, an international Film 'Farewell Amor' and two short films by the two of the lead artists of the festval: Mohamed ali (Dali) Aguerbi and Karrar al-azzawi. For each film, we hosted Q and A's curated by Aditus Foundation that invited converation around the themes explored in the films.



Afro Universal

The Closing community celebration was filled with Afro Rhythms and Beats to celebrate our potential to heal and unite in joy and music!


This event brought together a variety of artists from AISO Records, to showcase their talents throughout the evening. 


Paint the Benches

As part of the 'fix something broken' simple act, we teamed up with the Marsa local council and the Marsa Community Police to inject some colour and beauty into a neglected garden.


This event was attended by people from the Chad, Indian and Maltese community.


Forgotten - المنسيون'

'Forgotten - المنسيون' is a photo exhibition artist Karrar al-Azzawi. It presented moments from the daily lives of children set in the harsh conditions of refugees in camps.


Word on the Street 

An evening of Spoken Word, Dance and Poetry in relation to theme of Healing. we welcomed artists, activists and storytellers to share individual stories on collective resilience.  This event was hosted by Word on the Street's curator Tina Urso.

Dance Beyond Borders, in collaboration with other artists presented a performance of Antoine Cassar’s Migration Haikus; a movement interpretation to the ideas and feelings expressed in this heartfelt poetry.


Arts Workshop

People from all walks of life came together for a community arts workshop hosted by Artist Anna Calleja and NGO Hal Far Outreach.


The people attending created artworks centred around healing for the simple act: 'Create Something'.  This event was held at Klabb Hawaj, whose generously opened their doors to host us.  

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